JT’s bringing sexy back to Canadian politics

I’m bringin’ sexy back
Them motherf****** don’t know how to act
Girl let me make up for the things you lack
‘Cause you’re burnin’ up, I gotta get it fast
* Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back

So, Justin Trudeau has officially announced his candidacy for Liberal party leader.

Could this spark a new generation of Trudeau mania? Could this candidacy reignite Canadian politics? Breath new life into our political discourse? Time will tell, but I’m leaning towards yes. Yes he will… I think.

I’ve heard Trudeau speak before and wasn’t that impressed by him as a speaker. I had been looking forward to hearing him speak but he sounded forced and lacked sincerity in my opinion. He was trying really hard to be inspiring but it came off a tad patronizing. But there is something compelling about this man. Sure he has a famous last name and a pretty face but he’s also passionate and can get hot headed at times. That passion and those hot headed moments can be inspiring. He’s going to have to prove himself, prove that he in fact has substance and can take on the leadership role.

I’ve got to say, listening to his speech tonight he came across more appealing. The tone of his voice carried a sincerity that I can’t deny. I applaud his speech writer and I hope he/she keeps up that magic.

Could JT be bringing sexy back? Yes, he is a foxy man, arguably one of the best looking members of parliament. But moreover, could he be sparking a new interest in Canadian politics? I certainly hope so.

image from thestar.com


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