Hey Ocean!

I think its only fitting that my first music suggestion post is for Hey Ocean!

My dad suggested I check out CBC Radio 3 one day back around 2006. I clicked through a number of different artists and stumbled upon Hey Ocean! They only had a few songs posted but I listened to them on repeat for weeks. I loved their sound then, and I love it now.

The band is from Vancouver, and came together about 6 years ago. They’ve travelled across Canada performing a few times now and I’ve been lucky enough to catch a few shows in Kingston and another in Quebec City.

I can turn on their music and enjoy it anytime no matter my mood. I just really like them and really like sharing things I like, so here, have a listen!

How about A Song About California from their sophomore album It’s Easier to be Somebody Else.

Pretty good, eh? Yupp, I love it.

Their new album IS provides a different sound, its fuller, more complete. Here’s their song Big Blue Wave.

Kind of makes me want to dance… all the time.

Simply. I’m addicted to their music. I hope you enjoy it too. If you do, they are touring around Canada right now and they will be playing in Toronto on Friday at the Great Hall. It’s a good show. You should check it out.

The band started up a kickstart account asking friends and fans to help them fund their dream of touring the world. No word yet on where/when the world tour will go/happen. Trust that I will write about it when its announced.

To end. An acoustic version of one of my favourite songs.

Follow Hey Ocean on Twitter! @heyoceanband


*** UPDATE ***


Hey Ocean! appeared on CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi on October 12th for a performance and interview. Click here to listen.


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