Farewell Zeddy: Zellers slightly sarcastic goodbye

You know what I like? Sarcasm. I’m quite a sarcastic person, sometimes I take it a little too far and people don’t know that I’m actually joking. I think I get it from my Icelandic side. Regardless, I really enjoy unexpected sarcasm from people and organizations. Sure, sometimes it can be off putting and sometimes it can go too far, but when its done well I think it deserves a nod.

I love the way that Zellers closed up shop. A joking, sarcastic tone with some sass.

With Target making its move into Canada, Zellers is no longer. The stores doors have closed. The company saw this end coming, knowing that they still had product to move off the shelves they decided to change up their marketing plan. With a minimal budget the company launched an online campaign in hopes that their efforts would go viral.

The first string of videos focused on sharing customer memories. But where they really got me was with leaving Zeddy, Zellers mascot in the woods.

Adorably tragic, eh?

They did a follow up trying to find another brand to adopt Zeddy.

I wish this was the Zellers that was marketed towards me, but alas it wasn’t the case. Going out in style, guns blazing, making fun at their situation yet hinting at a sense of bitterness. Well done Zellers. Farewell Zeddy, sleep well my sweet prince.

*featured photo from Zeller’s facebook page*


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