Music Monday: Aidan Knight

Last spring I posted on my facebook that I was going to see a Hey Ocean! concert in Quebec City. A friend of mine who had seen them play in Kingston told me that if Aidan Knight was going to be opening I was in for a treat. I had never heard of him so I was looking forward to the magic my friends told me about. He performed with his friendly friends and boy was it good. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have any spare cash on me to pick up a CD at the time – that was definitely poor planning on my part and I’ve learnt my lesson.

Since seeing him perform I’ve followed him on twitter and listened to his songs every so often on songcloud and youtube. His sophmore album, Small Reveal, is set to release tomorrow, October 23rd, on iTunes and bandcamp. If you want to give the CD a listen it is up on CBC Radio 3 until tomorrow (Oct. 23rd). Rumour has it you can also pick up the CD in HMV stores… if this is true, I’m happy. (I like to support Canadian music by buying physical CDs)

The new album makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea, knitting a hat while rain taps against the window. – Yes, that is a good thing. The song Margaret Downe is a stand out for me.  I also enjoy Master’s Call and Creatures Great & Small.

But here is a different song called A Mirror.

Find Aidan Knight online:
His website


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