Music Monday: Retro Stefson

Last week Helgi suggested I check out the band Retro Stefson, an alternative pop-band from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Their music makes me want to dance and I find myself simultaneously wondering what life was like in the 80s and what it will be like in 2027. Their twitter bio describes their music as “adventurous approach to pop music that Iceland is known for with distinctly “Afropop” elements.” Sounds about right.

Here’s their latest video, which is great and makes me miss Iceland. I’m pretty sure they bike past Ásta Sól’s house and the English Pub gets a drive by appearance too – what a great place to make friends with strangers. Anyways let’s get to it!


Liked that? Yeah you did, here’s another …


Find Retro Stefson online:

Their website





*featured photo from Retro Stefson’s facebook*


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