Music Monday: Adam Cohen

I was visiting my grandmother in Montreal last March and she really needed to go shopping to pick up a new CD. She had heard a new song on the radio and it sparked her interest, then, when she heard that it was Leonard Cohen’s son she absolutely had to have it. You see, grandma kind of loves Leonard and figured she would give his son’s music a listen too. I’m glad we went and she bought the CD. It’s pretty soothing music and I like it.

You’ve probably heard of Leonard Cohen (if you haven’t – SHAME!… but not really, here, learn!) Adam Cohen is Leonard’s son, and is a Canadian singer-songwriter musician with a hunky man voice.

So, sometimes you just really need to listen to a manly voice sing you love songs and today is one of those days.

With that I present two songs today by Adam Cohen both of which appear on his latest CD titled Like a Man. First, the title track, Like a Man and second, What Other Guy.



Find Adam Cohen online:

His website





*featured photo from Adam Cohen’s facebook page*


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