the gud stuff: midweek roundup Nov 14, 2012


  • Obama shed some tears last week after winning. There is something so captivating about a grown man letting tears fall. Its humanizing to see leaders cry isn’t it?

  • Canadian $20 bills are out and about. These bills are supposed to be ‘safer, cheaper and greener’ and Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney called the bill the ‘most sophisticated bank note in the world’. Sure sure Marky boy.

  • Greek government passed austerity bill. – Can I just say, the whole EU issue and US debt crisis scares the crap out of me.


  • Games coming this week in the CFL. Western final: Calgary Stampeders vs. BC Lions. Eastern final: Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes
  • Toronto Blue Jays made a big trade… at least that’s what people in sports are telling me.
  • Skeleton season has started! I would love to try skeleton, I wish they aired it on TV more then just during the Olympics.





  • 20 signs you’re obsessed with instagram. My fave? # 4. Your post shots of your Starbucks like the coffee didn’t already go through a filter.
  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up… in case you didn’t hear.
  • As much as I enjoy talking to strangers this would freak me out. It’s fun to watch though.


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