the gud stuff: midweek roundup Nov 21, 2012

This weeks mid week roundup. Enjoy!


  • Gaza. Hamas. Israel. – I honestly don’t know where to send you to read… this is a tough one… serious stuff…. google news search? Read up!
  • Did you know that strip clubs couldn’t serve alcohol in Saskatchewan? Well, the dark days are over, you will now be able to drink and watch naked lady bits…sometimes man bits? No full monty though my friends.


  • BP fined $4.5 billion for the Gulf oil spill. BP also plead guilty for 11 deaths. 2 employees were indicted on manslaughter charges.
  • Hostess closes up shop. Laid off 18,500 workers. It’s a sad time for many including this 11 year old who wrote a song about it.



  • The last Twilight movie came out… in related news I miss my university housemates. Sorry for sharing but then again I’m not sorry.


  • One of a kind show is happening Nov 22-Dec 2. I’m planning on checking it out this weekend.
  • Grey Cup festival continues this week until Sunday’s game. Check out the festivities.


  • Please find yourself lost in this website like I did. So many wonderful cartoons and some feminism too! Love it!
  • #OOMF (one of my followers) will it be a thing or a fad?
  • Also, this happened.

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