the gud stuff: midweek roundup Nov 28, 2012

Life is feeling hectic with assignments and an event that my class is running tomorrow – The Lake Show. But the news is always happening and things are always interesting and fun to share! This week may not be as extensive as past but I hope you still enjoy the show!


  • It’s not a good time to be a mayor in Canada. Mayor Rob Ford is no longer… or maybe he’ll be around for a bit more. A judge ordered him to be removed from his post over a conflict of interest case. He will be seeking an appeal.
  • My favourite article written about the Rob Ford debacle. … I’m kinda feeling bad for the guy to be brought down by this, he was honestly trying to help kids out. Out of the goodness of his heart. Poor guy. (that wasn’t sarcastic, I honestly feel bad)
  • London Ontario’s Mayor Joe Fontana is facing a sticky situation himself.
  • Egypt is having itself a pretty interesting situation right now. Protests and fighter planes… There’s fear that President Morsi is turning into a new dictator for the country. On Tuesday night over 200,000 people showed up to protest…. – Going to want to pay attention to this.
  • Marc Garneau has joined the Liberal leadership race. Could he take the party to new heights? His campain is “Taking Canada to New Heights”… Get it? … Beacuse he was an astronaut… in space…. heights….


  • Mark Carny, the Bank of Canada governor is leaving his post to head to the Bank of England. It’s like our top player in the economy world is getting drafted out of country. What are we going to do now?




  • Jian Ghomeshi did an interview with Of Monsters and Men. Fun interview, a couple Icelandic words here and there, I’m now missing Icelandic accents. Also, Jian’s attempt at their names is about as bad as mine. Here’s a song they sang…
  • This young man is a daredevil with a bad case of yolo.
  • I’ve been thinking Canada will be my next big adventure – I love this country. (Song is My Girl by Yukon Blonde)

4 thoughts on “the gud stuff: midweek roundup Nov 28, 2012

  1. Of Mountains and Men! 😉 I get to see them in Portland a week from today. So excited! Love the Canada video. I’ve been thinking that I want to do an epic cross-Canada road trip some time… maybe visit a few Snorris along the way 🙂 By the way, would it be okay if I linked to your blog on mine?

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