the gud stuff: midweek roundup Dec 5, 2012


Let us see what happened this week shall we?


  • The UN have voted in favour in Palestine as an observer state, Canada voted against. In total 138 countries voted in favour, 9 against (U.S., Israel, Panama, Palau, Canada, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Czech Republic and Micronesia), 41 countries abstained. On an unrelated note I need to start those sporcle quizzes again!
  • NATO is setting to provide Turkey with air-defence missiles in efforts to provide more defence to Syria.


  • Ontario is trying to unload their shares in GM which cost taxpayers $13.7 billion. Our buddy Flaherty says no.


  • The Royals are expecting a baby… but you probably heard about that. If the first born child is female she will be able to rule.


  • Speed skater Christine Nesbitt won two golds at the World Cup. She also won the gold with the team pursuit with Brittany Schuss and Ivanie Blondin. I used to compete with Ivanie… Let’s be honest, she was a lot better then me, it wasn’t really a competition.


  • Poets get you thinking.
  • I entered a twitter retweet contest by She Does the City and won passes to a screening of Playing for Keeps. It was a fun chick flick of a movie. Was expecting it to be absolutely horrible so I was quite pleased that it wasn’t. It was fun, not a must see, but I’d suggest it if you’re looking for something to see.
  • So many teddy bears.
  • One of the best parts of December? The yearly highlights. Here’s a mash up of pop songs
  • And to end. this awesome video.

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