Music Monday: Ingrid St-Pierre

During the summer of 2011 I participated in the Explore program. A program that sends Canadians into full immersion. I found myself living in Trois-Rivières, Quebéc, surrounding by new friends struggling to communicate in French. My french was horrible then and isn’t great now even after living in Quebéc City for 4 months, but I’m trying.

I tried to immerse myself as much as I could and figured if I was going to listen to music I might as well listen to french music. Seems smart, eh? I logged onto Radio-Canada’s music station and began streaming. Whenever Ingrid St-Pierre’s music would come on my ears would perk up and take notice.

She grew up in Cabano and is now settled in Trois-Rivières. I like the cute tone of her voice and appreciate the fact that I can more easily hear the words she’s singing. She has a new CD out now which I may grab when I head to Quebéc City this weekend!

J’adore cette chanson!

Find Ingrid St-Pierre online:

Her website


*featured photo from Ingrid St-Pierre’s facebook page*


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