Are you Wim Hof?

The other day my friend Robin tweeted “Would I be absolutely insane to sign up for a Hypothermic Half Marathon?” I automatically thought “Are you Wim Hof?” and responded with the same question.

Columbia Sportswear launched a new marketing campaign for heir new Omni-Heat, battery-powered, electrically warmed outerwear products.

For their new campaign they’ve decided to use Wim Hof as a spokesperson of sorts.

Wim Hof is an adventurer, daredevil and record holder from the Netherlands. He is known as the Iceman as he utilizes meditation to withstand extreme cold temperatures. He is a boss.

He seems like a silly choice for a spokesperson at first glance as he has no need for the product. He keeps his warmth through seemingly magical voodoo powers but the contrast from him to a ‘regular guy’ really help to highlight the need for this product. I think the contrast works and I just love these ads. Take a look.

“Wim Hof is a professional. You are not. Do not attempt.”

Interested in learning more about Wim Hof? Watch this little documentary.

*featured photo from AdWeeks article which you can read here.*


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