Music Monday: Joel Plaskett

Canada is an inspiring country and I can’t help but be drawn to Canadian indie music. I’m going to try and explore Canadian content a little more this year and to start off – Joel Plaskett, one of my faves. When I think Canadian music I think Joel Plaskett. A main reason is due to the film One Week, one of my favourite movies. I don’t know if it’s the movie that I love or the soundtrack – actually it’s both. If you haven’t checked out the movie I strongly encourage you give it a chance. – It’s a little depressing yet inspiring film with struggling tension between optimism and pessimism and taking life into you own hands in a way. Anyways, Joel Plaskett’s music is featured in the film, in fact he has a cameo as a street performer.

I first heard of Joel Plaskett when a friend asked if I wanted to go to a concert with them. Hey Ocean was opening so I said yes with no idea who he was. Boy was it a good show.

He’s got a lot of songs that I enjoy and here are some of them. Have a listen.

Find Joel Plaskett online:

His website




CBC Radio 3

*featured photo from Joel Plaskett’s facebook page*


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