the gud stuff: midweek roundup Jan 9, 2013


It appears that the world didn’t come to an end and that means I am back with the roundup. Fun stuff! Since the holidays I haven’t exactly gotten into the full swing of following the news again so this  might be a little light this week.


  • Ontario public elementary school teachers’ union members have planned a strike for this Friday. McGuinty made an announcement tonight that he will be asking for the protest to be ruled illegal. The liberal party is a bit of a sinking ship right now… Wonder what party leader candidates will say/do about this.
  • Harper announced $250m over 5 years for the auto sector… What actually ends up happening with that money? Is it just a carrot to help keep jobs in Canada?


  • The NHL is back. Blah blah blah. My dad and I are going to refrain from watching any games this year – how dare they treat their fans the way they did. (In case you haven’t caught on, pops and I aren’t really hockey fans… so…)


  • Sounds like the flu is going to be really bad this season. Massachusetts reported 18 deaths from the flu already. I survived a case of H1N1 or the more affectionate name “swine flu” a couple seasons back. Hoping I won’t catch the bug this time round. *knock on wood*


  • The Human Media Lab at my alma mater, Queen’s University, has developed PaperTab. Check it out, it’s pretty freaking cool.
  • Invisible drive-thru prank…
  • Walk of the Earth did a Taylor Swift cover and it’s rad.

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