the gud stuff: midweek roundup Feb 14, 2013


This post is a little late as I was celebrating Galentines Day yesterday. Tonight’s Valentines date is with Community and Parks and Rec so don’t fear, here’s some of what happened this past week.


  • Senator Patrick Brazeau found himself in hot water last week as he was charged with assault and sexual assault. He was kicked out of Conservative caucus and put on forced leave from the senate.
  • A question regarding a zombie apocalypse was asked in the House of Commons this week… I thought questions like that only happened during QMP.


  • American Airlines and U.S. Airways have agreed to merge. If this happens they will be the largest airline in the world.




  • What a little lair.
  • Kids react to Valentines Day… I think I may share a few of the same answers
  • The Harlem Shake has become a thing. This news station will tell you a little about it.
  • My university got a couple volunteers to make a video.

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