the gud stuff: midweek roundup Feb 28, 2013


I was enjoying my reading week last week, knitting away, working on a couple assignments and started the job hunt. It felt like the week flew by and I was back in class sooner than I realized. Anyways, here’s some interesting news stuff since my last post.

  • Tom Flanagan has been removed as a commentator with CBC’s Power and Politics after a comment made regarding child pornography. He has issued a release stating that his comments were meant to be as theoretical questions in an academic setting. Watching him on Power and Politics I think that is probably the case. When I first heard about this I thought it was probably a poor choice of words/wording in hopes of challenging thoughts/theories, in a pot stirring, try to get you thinking kind of way.
  • Jesse Jackson Jr. has been charged with fraud as he misused campaign funds. He bought himself fur capes because that’s what you do. He’s now writing a memoir.



  • This is great stuff.



  • Secret Society Pizza Party
  • The First Lady is wonderful.

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