Music Monday: CBC Music Festival

CBC Music held their first music festival on Saturday, May 25th and it was a blast! I was super lucky to win passes for me and 3 friends! It was a wonderful day with solid music, sunshine and friendship. It was pretty brisk but when you stand together like penguins dancing around the cold doesn’t bother you too much.

cbc music festival
Check out this vine of us dancing!

CBC Music is my music go to. The line up was great. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Half Moon Run as they played right before Of Monsters and Men and we wanted to get a good spot. Hopefully the festival will be back next year with more Canadian acts and drinking water that doesn’t cost $8. (The water tank never showed up)

A bit of an aside — My theory as to why Of Monsters and Men are so popular.

When OMAM started their set the crowd was super enthusiastic and it seemed like everyone knew the words to every song. My theory is that people like to sing along to songs. They like the lyrics easy enough to understand, remember and repeat. Any great pop song has that under control – think Call Me Maybe. (Yes I am calling it a great pop song)

OFAM‘s songs are so easy to singalong to because there’s so much repetition. La la la’s, ooooo, oooo, oooo’s and toss in some hey’s and you’ve got the crowd. In fact I’m listening to From Finner right now and they just broke into la la la’s. Oh wait here come the hey’s! I’m not complaining! I love belting along with a song and its so much easier when you are confident you know the words or sounds to make.


There’s something special about standing in a field surrounded by strangers, singing along to the same songs to make you realize people aren’t that different. Sure, we live different lives and take different things from each song, but in that moment, dancing and singing along, we are unified.

For example… Sam Roberts Band’s Brother Down. – So good! I think I’m back on a Sam Roberts kick.

Here are some photos from the festival….

I don’t have any definite plans for other music festivals this summer. There are, however, a few on my radar…

Sound of Music Festival in Burlington (hello free festival!)
Hillside in Guelph
Bluesfest in Ottawa
Wolfe Island Music Festival on Wolfe Island

Osheaga should be on this list I suppose.

Thanks and hip urban girl!


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