the gud stuff: midweek roundup May 30, 2013

the gud stuff
I’m starting to feel settled in my internship and now hopefully have a little bit of a routine in place. Here we are with a round up of the past week in news and fun internet things.


  • If you know me, you know I love reality TV, but who needs reality TV when you have Canadian politics?
  • The people behind Shit Harper Did put together this crowdfunded advertisement. It aired during a Sens playoff game.



  • CNN interviewed Canadian short track speed skater, Charles Hamelin, in their Humans to Hero’s series. The interview is accompanied by video.
  • The Pens beat the Sens, taking the final Canadian team out of the playoffs… or something like that. I’ll have you know, I watched *most* of the series.
  • I went to my first Blue Jays game and it was a good one! The Jays won in the “bottom of the 9th”… Did I say that right? Anyways, Munenori Kawasaki made it happen. Great guy.


  • The Boy Scouts of America approved the plan to accept gay members, however the ban on gay adult leaders is still in effect. Time to change that!
  • How would it feel to be crowned Miss Universe Canada and then the next day be told “just kidding, you actually came in fourth.” Well, meet Denise Garrido.


  • Courtney Love sent this tweet to Amanda Bynes.
  • 1 hour and 46 mins worth of The Office bloopers? Yes, please.

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