Social media #morningwin with belVita

Can I just say, I really enjoy when companies have solid social media. It’s one thing to have a presence online and another to provide content that’s enjoyable for followers. When companies interact with their followers, that’s even better. I don’t often tweet at businesses but when I do and they respond it’s brightens up my day. It’s silly I know, but it really helps put a human touch to a brand. You feel heard. – Just to note this, I don’t like to be a negative Nancy with companies online. I’m pretty sure the only corporate account I’ve been snarky with is Go Transit… dang trains always running late!

belVita, a breakfast biscuit company, has been using the hashtag #MorningWin for its new campaign. I know this because I love the commercial. I’ve probably listened to it about 20 times. I’ve also been informed by friends that when they saw the commercial they immediately thought of me, which is great because it’s a great commercial. I just can’t get enough of this little diddy.

On Friday morning I sent out a tweet using #MorningWin and got this response.

It might not be feeding a dog, but I had to write about it in my blog, right? Right.

Oh belVita, I’m heading to the grocery store and I think I’ll have to pick up a package of your breakfast biscuits, you’ve won me over this time.


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