My First Solo Apartment

After 15 months living at 50 Alexander, I realized I never showed photos of my first solo apartment! And… (spoiler for those who don’t know) I’ve moved! So, I thought I’d share some snaps of my set up.

Alexander love'n

Alexander love’n

Approx my layout

Almost my layout

I embraced my studio apartment full on and truly enjoyed living in the small space. When you’re one person, you don’t need much space, heck, I could have done with less than I had. Living right downtown in the middle of the city was great but also a little exhausting at times with so much to do close by.

Here’s how I arranged and decorated my little oasis.



My Princess Bed




I loved my little home and it was hard to say goodbye… but! Now I live in the beaches with my best friend so it was an easy move. Thumbs up to cohabitation and living with Matthew in a part of town that is more my style and speed. Easy going beach life is proving to be my friend.

The Beaches

5 mins and my feet are in the sand

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sunscreen, floppy hats, tunes and books – hello summer!

A very big thank you to the our very helpful movers! 🙂


New Beginnings!

It’s going to take a little while getting used to the new space especially with most of my furniture in storage at my parents. I’ve also realized I have accumulated a lot of stuff and need to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. Here’s to donating and serenity!

Should be a fun new adventure for us! Can’t wait to explore more of our surroundings!


4 thoughts on “My First Solo Apartment

  1. Very nice, more stuff than when we were there last year, hope you put pictures of your new place…..

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