I made myself a cup of coffee…

I did something I’ve never done before… I made myself a cup of coffee today. It’s no secret, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. It tends to send my mind into overdrive and my energy levels get obnoxiously high. It’s rare… but sometimes I’ll even just grab a latte just so that I can feel that high. I mean, how kiddish… square? sheltered? goodie two-shoes?… not sure if any of those are correct here or maybe all of them are… but you get the gist… anyway, how silly is that? Well, it’s true. I’m not much for mind altering substances but that’s all changed recently. I’ve been having a bit of a terrible time with my back over the past few months and for about a week now, I’ve been taking a new medication to help me manage my nerve pain. Hello, neuropathic pain meds.

Right now I’m in the “hey body, let’s welcome this little pill to the party and just let it do its thing, ok?” adjustment phase which means side effects. Earlier today, I was experiencing the mixture of some significant but not terrible drowsiness, dizziness and difficulty concentrating (as listed on my side effect list). So, I decided to brew myself up a coffee with the new fancy glass coffeemaker with the paperless filter that Matthew got for his birthday. No harm was done and really there is no story here. No drama. I think I finally had the ‘normal’ reaction to coffee… or at least a near normal reaction.

Anyways, what a random post? Amirite? That’s all. Have a good night.

Working from home and that hair is crying to be taken care of



4 thoughts on “I made myself a cup of coffee…

  1. Sacha I feel so badly.. Just wish I could help you out with your pain 😂 You are too beautiful , young girl to be going through this..💕💕.

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