Married in a fortnight!

How in the world is it already mid-August and how in the world is our wedding only two weeks away. I’m sure this is a sentiment that most people have before their wedding — Where did the time go?!

Well, with the wedding almost here, I thought I’d share some snaps from our engagement shoot a few weeks back. I never wanted to do an engagement shoot. Truth be told, I think they are a bit strange… but I’ve come around to them. I feel like most people planning weddings are a bit more in the “wedding” state of mind early in the process. It seems like everyone has their colours and themes figured out, they have their wedding party planned as soon as they say “yes.” They book their venue a year or two in advance and shortly thereafter, book their photographer. They do an engagement shoot right away and use it for their save the dates. Of course, I know that not everyone does this and this clearly hasn’t been our experience. I only really came around to that “wedding” state of mind about a month and a half ago… so we booked a DJ, photographer and set a wedding party.

I did a call out to my Bunz community for some help finding a photographer and there came Boeun! We loved her style and decided to go for it. Included in the package was an engagement session so we did it. Honestly, I was so awkward when the session started up and by the end, I felt a lot more at ease. Boeun was fantastic. She suggested some poses but overall we were just being ourselves. We recreated one of our typical beach days which have been a bit few and far between this summer on the account of I couldn’t make get down to the beach, but we took our time and made it work.

We love how the photos turned out and can’t wait to see how the wedding pictures come back. Going with the millennial mantra of “If you don’t share online, did it really happen?” here are some of our photos from the lovely shoot with Boeun. πŸ™‚

Find Boeun at:
Instagram: boeunkimstudio
Facebook: boeunkimstudio


9 thoughts on “Married in a fortnight!

  1. You are looking radiant Sacha! The pictures made me tear up they are awesome πŸ™‚ Im just wondering how your parents and grandparents handled the pictures,lol! I could see your grandmother with a few tears for sure! Congrats on the big day , it goes fast so enjoy every single second as Im sure you will!! πŸ™‚ Amazing blog as always. Love and hugs pretty bride to be! xoxo

  2. Most excellent photos there, the photographer captured both of you in a pre wedding atmosphere. Do make a small album of them all and keep as special moment in your lives.

  3. Finally a good excuse to use fortnight in regular speech! I agree that a lot of token professional photos seem weird to do, but I think the idea is that it’s a favour to your future self, even if it feels a little awkward at present. I don’t think my mom was dying to have her ’80s haircut immortalized in wedding photos (and didn’t appear super happy about it in them) but those are such treasured albums now. Here’s to what you guys will be saying about these shots in 20 years!

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